• CV

    Solo and Two Person Shows

    2013 Willow Paintings, Marion & Rose’s Workshop, Oakland, CA
    2013 Work from St Gertrude’s Era Art Bar, Oakland, CA
    2012 New Cut Paper Works by Tallulah Terryll Art in a Box Headquarters, Oakland, CA
    2011 Tallulah Terryll, Recent Works, H Julien Designs, Berkeley, CA Curated by Patricia Gillespie
    2011 Surface:Pattern::Pattern:Surface, Hadley Williams and Tallulah Terryll Local 123, Berkeley, CA Curated by Peter Hayes
    2011 Paintings from San Vincenzo, Michel Schlumberger Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
    2010 Showcase of Recent Works, Pivot Gallery, via Berkeley, California
    2010 Round Rhythm: Alissa Goss and Tallulah Terryll The Compound Gallery, Oakland, California
    2007 Recent Works, Afterglow Boutique and Gallery, Oakland, California
    2006 New Work,The Compound Project Space, Oakland, California
    2006 "Curtain" installation, KD Japon, Nagoya, Japan
    2004 Recent Works, KD Japon, Nagoya, Japan

    Selected Group Shows
    2015 Holiday Group Show, Maple Street Denim, Oakland, CA: Curated by Alison O. K. Frost
    2012 50-50, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, California: Curated by Barry Sakata
    2010 Show and Tell: My Summer Fantasy, Gallery Extraña, Berkeley, California; Curated by Aimee Friberg
    2008 Petri Dishes, The HiArt Gallery, New York, New York; Curated by Jazz-minh Moore
    2006 "Facing East" western women making art in Japan, The Plastic Factory, Nagoya, Japan; Curated by Amanda MacDonald
    2005 Nagoya International Artists Exhibition International Center, Nagoya, Japan
    2004 Nagoya International Artists Exhibition International Center, Nagoya, Japan
    2004 Sosaku Hanga, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA; Curated by Kathleen Rabel
    2004 Pattern, Black Lab Gallery, Seattle, WA; Curated by Tory Franklin

    Related Experience

    Printer at Magnolia Editions 2006 - Present
    Artist in Residence at Abbazia di San Vincenzo al Volturno, November 2010 Artist in Residence at St Gertrude’s Monastery, Idaho, September 2012

    Collections & Prizes

    The Collection of Studio Blu
    Mary Alice Cooley Print Collection
    Cornish College Merrit Scholar 2001-2002


    B.F.A. Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA; Graduated Magna Cum Laude